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Wheat Packs Pack Of 2

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Wheat Packs Pack Of 2

A selection of locally designed artwork by Mandart, depicting Australian animals on a Wheat pack to be used hot or cold for those times when you need relief from various ailments causing pain.

Instruction of use:

A versatile wheat pack for eyes and all over body application. Use hot therapy to relax or sooth sore muscles. Reduce swelling and relieve headaches when cooled down. Simply pop in the microwave for warmth along with a glass of water (for moisture). Cool in the freezer or use at room temperature. Ideal for yoga, savasana, meditation, hot & cold therapy, tension, cramps, migraines.

Microwave: 30 second or little more (don’t over heat) To use as cold pack, freeze for 30+ minutes. Cotton, Wheat, Made in WA

Pack of two Wheat packs.
Individual and bulk ordering available as different product.